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Equipment Warnings

Proper Procedures When Handling Scan Equipment

When operating a FARO Focus scanner from ALSS please keep in mind the following.

  • The scanner will arrive tested and in working order.
  • Set up the tripod and be sure that the quick release screw on the side is loose enough for the scanner quick release mount can slide into the receiver on the tripod. Then tighten the side screw until it is snug, do not over tighten this side screw.
  • Make certain the batteries are installed.
  • Press the power button and wait 2-3 minutes for the scanner to full boot up, at which point the basic interface screen will appear.
  • Create a New Project and name it, then choose the indoor or outdoor setting. (Videos for Set Up available from ALSS)
  • Once this is completed, simply pressing the “Start” button on the screen will initiate the scanner to begin the scanning and color capture process.
  • Depending on the lighting, the scan times may vary.
  • The scanner may pause during the color capture process, this many times is due to the amount of light present in the scan area. ***In the event the scanner pauses, do not force the scanner to rotate! ***
  • ***At no time should the scanner be touched during the scanning process.*** unless it is to pause the scan by pressing the pause button on the screen.  Forcefully rotating or stopping the scanner from rotating may damage the scanner.  Costs for scanner repairs are the sole responsibility of the customer and the customer’s insurance provider.
  • ***Do Not Touch the Mirror While the Scanner is performing a laser scan or during the color capture process. ***
  • ***Do Not Remove the Battery from the scanner until the scanner is shut down completely. ***
  • When scanning is completed, either press the main power button or use the drop-down menu to press the power button to shut the scanner down.
  • When finished scanning to remove the scanner from the tripod, simply loosen the quick release and pull the scanner carefully out the top of the receiver. In the rare event that the quick release would need to be removed from the scanner, Do Not attempt to unscrew the scanner from the quick release while it is on the tripod.  Once the scanner safely setting in the Pelican case, carefully unscrew the quick release base. (This is only necessary if a tribrach mount is to be used, otherwise there is no need to remove the quick release base from the scanner.)

Please contact Atlantic Laser Scanning Services at (800) 955-3960 or if you have any questions.