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Test the RESEPI lidar’s ease of use, accuracy, and workflow.

If it’s is the best equipment for your needs, ALSS will simply take the Rental Fee and apply it to the purchase price of a new RESEPI lidar kit! 

Use the Equipment Before Committing to a Purchase! Ask Us How!


Hesai XT32 has a
270 Degree Field of View = Fewer Total Passes Required to Collect Data 



In Stock Now for Rent to Purchase!   RESEPI Hesai XT32 & Livox Avia from Inertial Labs!

Rent a Hesai XT32 Lidar for $450/day,  $2,500/week or 

PURCHASE NEW for Only $30,000!







In Stock Now for Rent!   FARO Focus3D  S150 & S350 Kits

Rent for as Low as $195 Per Day!

Test its ease of use, accuracy, and work flow.




Atlantic Laser Scanning Services offers a comprehensive range of Terrestrial Scanners from FARO Technology (BIM Scanners), RESEPI Lidar products from Inertial Labs, GNSS Equipment and Survey Accessories as well as as well as Ventus OGI (Oil and Gas Inspection) Cameras. A full list of our rental equipment includes:

Faro S150 scanner

Faro S150 scanner

FARO Focus S150 Kit Type: Point Cloud Accuracy: 1-4 mm

The FocusS Laser Scanner series provides advanced functionality, including increased distance, range, and angular accuracy. The Focus Plus scanner's on-site compensation function ensures high-quality measurements, and its HDR functionality and external accessory bays make it a highly flexible product. The S150 features a range of 150 meters, with an accuracy of 1-4 mm and a scan time of 3-7 minutes.

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Faro S350 scanner

Faro S350 scanner

FARO Focus S350 Kit Type: Point Cloud Accuracy: 1-4 mm

​FARO Focus S350 Kit Type: Point Cloud Accuracy: 1-4 mm ​ This scanner is the same scanner design as the Faro S150, with an increased range of up to 350 meters. It is suitable for capturing anything from an office to a football stadium to an office space in 3D and enables fast captures with straightforward and accurate measurements. The Faro S350 scanner is certified through the Ingress Protection (IP) rating and classified in Class 54 for environmental protection. It features a sealed design and is built to safeguard against environmental intrusions, such as rain, dust, fog, and dirt. It performs well in challenging outdoor conditions and also offers a future-proof interface that connects to additional accessories.

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Hesai RESEPI XT32 Drone Lidar from Inertial Labs

All New! Purchase New Rent or RENT TO OWN! RESEPI XT32 Lidar System! System Vertical Accuracy ±3cm Recommended AGL 50-100m Weight 1.7kg (with camera) 1.3kg (without camera) Dimensions 20.8x17x14.2 (cm) Max Flight Time (DJI M300) 33 Minutes External Storage 256GB USB Included File types: CAD File Imaging, Contour Files (DXF/SHP) and GeoTIFF Files from Equipment to almost any Software. Ability to Export Contours with a GeoTIFF File and Import into AutoCAD, AutoDesk, and More. Advantages over Livox (R2A) The Hesai XT32 lidar unit has a wider field of view for the laser scanner lidar portion of the system than a Livox or R2A system. This means that a pilot can collect more data with each pass. More data per pass means fewer passes per acre, therefore more acres per flight.  Make more money per flight with the Hesai XT32 RESEPI Lidar unit. The all new Hesai RESEPI XT32 utilizes a high-performance Inertial Labs INS (GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System) with a tactical-grade IMU and a high-accuracy dual-antenna GNSS receiver, integrated with a Linux-based processing core and datalogging software. The platform also provides a WiFi interface, optional imaging module and external cellular modem for RTCM corrections. RESEPI can be operated by a single hardware button or from a wirelessly connected device via a simple web interface. Compact and light-weight, the RESEPI XT-32 featuring a Hesai LiDAR scanner, is currently the best-in-class data accuracy, excellent detection range, high point density, and versatility. This unit was designed for multiple application bases. including mounting options for: mobile vehicles, DJI supported drones (DJI M300, M600 Pro), custom drones, and even handheld platforms. Applications include utilities mapping (powerlines), construction volumetrics, site surveying, precision agriculture, forestry, mining operations, and much more.

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Rock Robotics R2A (RESEPI Livox Avia) Drone Lidar from Inertial Labs

All New! Rent or Purchase Livox Avia New Rent or RENT TO PURCHASE! The ROCK R2A, or Livox Lidar is a complete Aerial / SLAM 3D Mapping Solution. Integrating the Livox Avia sensor, with a high-accuracy IMU and a 24MP Sony camera. RGB Camera: Sony a5100 - 24 MP Camera Laser Sensor: Livox Avia

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DJI Matrice 300 RTK (M300)

Matrice 300 RTK Included with Rental: MATRICE 300 Intelligent Battery Station, Two M300 Batteries included, (Up to Six More available for Rental) WB37 Battery - (One Battery) * Up to 55 minutes of flight time, advanced * AI capabilities, * 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning, and more! The M300 RTK sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivaled reliability. ​*Drone rentals require the customer to provide a copy of their commercial 107 drone license as well as drivers license. All Drone rentals require rental pilot to provide 107 SUAS license

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Ventus OGI (Oil & Gas Line Inspections)

Ventus OGI is a 640 x 512 resolution MWIR camera core designed to detect hydrocarbon gases, such as methane and propane. It has a high operating temperature MWIR detector type and a spectral response of MWIR. The camera core has a frame rate of 30 Hz and a NETD of <50 mK. It comes with 2 lens options (25 mm and 50 mm) and has digital zoom/pan capabilities. Ventus OGI has a low SWaP (size, weight, and power) and is an invaluable tool for the oil and gas industry. The gas enhancement mode of the camera colorizes leaks.

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Emlid Survey GNSS Ground Control / Rover

Emlid Reach RS2 GNSS (2) Receiver & Ground Includes Hard Case (Carries 2 x RS2 and Accessories) Ground Control / Rover ​For surveying, mapping and navigation. Multi-band RTK GNSS receiver with centimeter precision for surveying, mapping and navigation. Comes with a mobile app. GNSSGPS/QZSS, GLONASS L1, L2; BeiDou B1, B2; Galileo E1, E5 Long range radio LoRa 868/915 MHz, range up to 8 km 16 hours as LTE RTK rover LiFePO4 battery, 6–40V input, USB Type-C charging Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connection with other devices Package includes– Reach RS2+ – Carrying case with a strap – Radio antenna – USB Type-C cable

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Lidar Survey Accessories Kit

Survey Accessory Kit ​Availability Here Adir Pro High Visibility Universal Survey Tripod , Adir Pro 2m Two-Piece GPS Rover Rod, Survey Pole Bipod with Thumb Release, Tripod Pole​, Tribrach Adaptor, 10 UAV/Drone Ground Control Points

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DJI Matrice 300 RTK (M300) Battery Rental

Matrice 300 RTK Battery Matrice 300 RTK Battery, Limit 6 per Rental Rentals only with M300 Rental

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Top of the line 3D Laser Scanning & Lidar Survey Equipment Rental Service

Our comprehensive range of Drone Lidar surveying equipment for our rental customers comes from leading brands that guarantee optimal outcomes and precise results. Backed by sophisticated 3D laser scanning technology and a skilled team of experts, Atlantic Laser Scanning Services carries Inertial Labs.

The models we have include:

  • Faro S150 scanner
  • Faro S350 scanner
  • Hesai RESEPI XT32 Drone Lidar from Inertial Labs
  • RESEPI Livox Avia Drone Lidar from Inertial Labs
  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK (M300) Drone
  • Ventus OGI Drone-based CAMERA (Oil & Gas Line INSPECTION CAMERA )
  • Emlid Survey GNSS Ground Control / Rover
  • Lidar Survey Accessories Kit
  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK (M300) Battery Rental

From Terrestrial FARO scanning to drone-mounted Lidar scanners, we’re constantly updating our inventory to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern industries. Clients with no experience in laser scanning can rent our surveying equipment with our guidance through training videos and consultations, ensuring they maximize the unit’s laser scanning technology and capabilities.

Atlantic Laser Scanning Services offers innovative laser scanning solutions, specializing in cutting-edge Lidar surveying equipment and 3D laser scanners. Equipped with advanced LiDAR and Geospatial technology, our range of laser scanning equipment is used in numerous demanding industries where accurate measurements are required.

Industries We Proudly Serve

At ALSS, we serve a stringent industry needing reliable laser and lidar scanning services by providing the best 3D scanning and Drone Lidar technology. The following engineering equipment is ideal for our rental customers looking for convenience and versatility.

Architecture & Structural Engineering


Drone Lidar Survey


Drone Mapping


Bim Modeling


Construction Site Topo


Construction Site Cut And Fill


Accident Reconstruction


Regardless of industry or application, our 3D laser Terrestrial and Lidar scanners can drive success to your projects. With their extensive capabilities and features, our units will adhere to your rigorous requirements.  ALSS takes pride in helping the smallest business, as well as the largest corporation grow in this age of Digital Twin.

Representing the Best in 3D Scanning Technology

From industry-leading RESEPI Drone Lidar scanners to FARO terrestrial scanner rental units, we have the latest point cloud long-range laser/lidar scanning equipment with geospatial technology features.

Our selection includes:

  • Drone Lidar Scanners: Our LiDAR kits provide rapid data collection and high-resolution digital terrain models in remote or hazardous areas with Topo accuracy. These RESEPI Lidar Units are versatile and deliver improved data quality, and safer and faster data collection for better project outcomes.
  • Stationary (terrestrial) Tripod Scanners: FARO Focus units are used to create 1-4 mm accuracy point clouds used to create BIM models for large construction and facility redesigns, also for the re-recreation of crime scenes and historical sites, and for architectural design renovations.

We deliver or source 3D laser scanning equipment to meet your project’s needs and specifications. You can also rent-to-purchase new industry-leading drone lidar systems from companies like Hesai, Livox, Velodyne, and more. All RESEPI lidar units are available for sale through ALSS!

3D Lidar and Laser Scanning Training Tutorial Services from Atlantic Laser Scanning Services

ALSS is a reputable source of advanced 3D Laser and Lidar Equipment, as well as free training materials to aid new users as well as seasoned scanning veterans. Our informative training videos allow you to use this professional equipment without hiring an expert. Take advantage of this technology and elevate your business today!

Contact us for more information if you want to know more about our equipment rental 3D scanner services. You may also email us at to check the availability of the unit you’re interested in. View our free training videos to learn how each scanner is utilized.

3D Laser Scanning Services by Atlantic Laser Scanning Services

Atlantic Laser Scanning Services offers some of the most advanced 3D scanning equipment on the market, as well as informative free training videos to help you scan successfully. If you’re new to 3D scanning or want your company to take advantage of this technology without having to hire a pre-trained expert, we can help you learn everything you need to know.

To check the availability of 3D scanner rentals, contact us by sending an email to You can also view our collection of free training videos on our YouTube page.

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