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Want to get into Lidar but aren’t sure what lidar system fits your needs?

June 26, 2023

Drone Lidar as an industry is exploding right now.

Uses from Survey work, TOPO, modeling, mapping and even visual effects work is driving up the need for more qualified data providers.

ALSS hears from 107 pilots, survey companies, and modeling companies who are looking to expand their companies services, and have questions about drone lidar.

We feel we offer the ideal scenario for customers looking to ease into the industry, or companies who know this is where they need to be, and are ready to buy.

That is the ALSS Rent to Purchase track.

Simply put, if you have a 107 qualified pilot on staff, ALSS has everything you would need to evaluate the Lidar equipment.

If you currently have commercial drones? and Ground control GNSS equipment? JUST RENT THE HESAI XT32 LIDAR UNIT

If you currently pilot smaller drones and work in survey, RENT A DJI M300 DRONE AND HESAI XT32 LIDAR UNIT

If you have a license but no experience or survey equipment, RENT SURVEY ACCESSORIES, AN EMLID BASE / ROVER SYSTEM, M300 DRONE, AND HESAI XT32 LIDAR UNIT

Regardless of the package you need, let our experts walk you through the workflow, along with our free YouTube workflow videos. Fly a simple project, and evaluate the workflow, equipment, and data.  If you are comfortable with the process, continue to rent for any upcoming lidar projects?

If you are ready to buy, ALSS will put the entire lidar rental fee toward your purchase price!